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Moving with senior citizens can be a crazy thing. Most of the time, moving isn’t such a big deal. I guess when you’re 90 years old things are a little different. That’s why I always tell everyone I know to use a moving company in Seattle. I worked for them before and they do a great job.

I remember the first move that I did for an elderly person. I felt really bad and really glad the same time. Wanted to help out so I was glad I was there, but at the same time it was really hard to see how were.

I would just go over and pick up their couch, I’d pick up their end table, everything I did I was like wow they can’t do this. I would be wrapping up their faces and furniture pads so they wouldn’t get shipped or scratched or damaged, and most senior citizens are totally appreciative. They really like the fact that we take the time to make sure none of their stuff gets damaged. I get it, I mean who wants to see all your stuff banged up and smashed? Not me…

Also a lot of times a senior citizen will be emotionally invested in the place that their living. Especially if they’ve lived there for a long period of time. It might be a little rough to have a conversation about moving with your elderly parent or grandparent, but it could go a long ways towards making the transition smooth for them. And that’s what really matters, I’m sure you want them to be at peace.

Most of the time the senior citizens that we moved had a family member there with them, which is good. It always helps to have family members present while dealing with hard times. Make no mistake about it when you’re 90 years old, moving to an elderly home, it is a hard time. This might be the most traumatic thing that your Grandparent has ever gone through.

That’s why it’s so important to use professional moving company that does a great job every time. If you want your parents or grandparents stuff moved in a professional manner, then you have to use a professional moving company.

When I worked for the last moving company I work for, we like to move it move it, it always amazed me how people would agree to pay the bill in the beginning and then not paid at the end. It was totally crazy! We would do flat hourly rate of 155 an hour, and tell them we can do as much or as little as they want we’d give him an estimate based on what other jobs that size cost and how long they took. Then we get to the end of the move and they totally change your mind. They’d be like “I’m not paying that much!”

It happens to all of us, right, but I mean they knew how much it was gonna be in the beginning there was no reason for throwing such a big fit. It looks like this: new $1 55/hour times the number of hours worked…

Brings me to my next point, you should always plan effectively. Having the right budget for moving can mean the difference between stressing out and just having someone else take care of it all for you effortlessly. There’s a lot of other ways you can plan efficiently as well, you can put takes on furniture or sticky notes on furniture. You can also do some of the packing ahead of time.

It’s definitely not rocket science. The only other charge would ever have his tax, which we would just assume they’d bought something in the state in the last 20 years and they were used to paying tax.

I guess this can be the end of my rant… LOL!

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